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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Wake Up Little Suzy:

Q:  How are you handling Covid?

A:  Of course I wash my hands as I work, and hand sanitizer is a fixture on my work table.  Once a blanket is finished, it is packaged in a plastic bag and stored in my inventory.  When you order, it's shipped, unopened, in that same plastic bag, so the 'covid cooties' have had plenty of time to meet their demise! 😊  However, that means your blanket will arrive pretty wrinkled; but not to worry: a quick spin in the dryer will get rid of those wrinkles! (As an additional precaution, you might consider washing it before use as well.)

Q:  Why are the blankets all different sizes?

A:  There are many different fabric mills and they all make their fabric SLIGHTLY different sizes.  The edge where the fabric comes off the loom is called the selvage; on fleece it's always gross and significant amount needs to be cut off,  sometimes more than others. That,  of course, affects the size of the finished blanket.  Plus, I try to make various sizes as folks use them for different things.

Q:  What if I want a special design of fleece that I don't see offered?

A:  I am HAPPY to try to accommodate you, as there are almost a zillion gorgeous designs out there!  It's super hard to decide what to choose! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see what you want. I'd be glad to try to find it (It's helpful if you include your phone number and I could then text you with some diff designs.)

Q: What about shipping charges?

A:  Unfortunately shipping charges are a fact of life and have to be included in almost everything we do.  To keep our prices reasonable, I add as minimal shipping charges as possible.  If your actual shipping charge is less than calculated on your order, I'll refund the difference. (I hate paying shipping charges, too!)

Q: How fast can I get my order?

A: We offer same day shipping on in-stock items.  Custom work, of course, will take a bit longer, but we always anticipate being able to ship within 5-7 days of receiving a custom order.

Q: What about returns or exchanges?

A: Because of Covid, we cannot not accept returns or exchanges.

Q:  What's your favorite design?

A:  Honestly, my absolutely favorite is...whatever blanket I happen to be working on!  😊. Seriously!  My favorite thing is looking over my fleece stash and deciding what colors/patterns to put together into a blanket.  Once I finish that one, I literally can't wait to get started on the next one!